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        A cool summer defeats the internal heat, secrets to relieve summer heat.

        Source: Kingworld medicine

        Dog days are coming with heat, and it is hard to avoid getting inflamed. For example, when your stomach gets inflamed, you may have a stomachache, bad breath, and dry excrements. And lung inflamed may cause cough yellow sputum, while liver inflamed may cause dysphoria and sleeplessness and heart inflamed will be accompanied with palpitation and vexation.

        Thus, how to spend the hot summer healthily? Don’t worry. We need to defeat the heat and here are some secrets.

        Cough with excessive phlegm, dietary therapy to moisten the lungs

        Seeing from the long history of traditional customs, we will hear the hawk “autumn pear grease, make the fat lose weight, turn the thin become strong, and put the students into top rank.” Autumn pear has been honored as “core of fruits”, whose function of moisten lungs and relieve heat enjoys great popularity. Loquat has the same function, which can also be used as medicines to prevent phlegm forming and stop coughing. Buy some autumn pear grease or loquat leaf extract, and mix with boiled water. It is sweet and cool for relieving heat and reliving heat.

        Feel ill at ease, lotus helps with longevity

        As many herbary books in China records, lotus is generally regarded to be able to prolong life. Shennong’s Herbal treats lotus as top grade herb. Lotus has the function of reinforcing kidney, tonifying spleen, nourishing heart, soothing nerves, and anti-aging, and it is suitable to consume every day. People usually steam lotus with white poria, common yam rhizome, sticky rice, old rice, and white sugar to make cakes and desserts, such as lotus cake, lotus paste sandwich, lotus paste mooncake, fresh milk coconut shred lotus cookies, which are commonly seen in markets.

        Constipation annoys, sesame helps

        Sesame is tiny, but the function is huge. It contains abundant protein and unsaturated fatty acis, which can not only stabilize blood sugar, improve BDM, but also make our joints flexible and skins beautiful. It can also relax bowels and keep excrement not too dry. The traditional Beijing snack surface tea is made by adding a thick layer of sesame to hot corn flavor porridge, and it becomes tastier with some sesame paste mixed with sesame oil and salt.

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