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        Company Philosophy

        Home Corporate Culture> Company Philosophy

        Core Value With spirits, all things are possible.
        We advocate

        Scientific spirit in project investment

        Diligent spirit in market development

        Team spirit in internal communication

        Study spirit of employee growth

        Crisis awareness of being prepared

        Sacrifice spirit when dealing with company and individual.

        Kingworld has developed a value of abundant connotation with integrity oriented employment and operation during the decades of development; the core value runs through every operating management, guiding every employee of Kingworld to be honest, united, innovative and progressive.

        Our target

        To be a public modernized brand enterprise with first-rate management, stable return of investment, industry popularity and longevity.

        Seven Guidelines for Management of Kingworld

        To cooperate with celebrated enterprises

        To be agency for famous brand

        To position on moderately high-end products

        To hire employees with excellent quality

        To profit with integrity

        To operate with longevity

        To operate lawfully

        The Operation Philosophy of Kingworld

        Offer help to people, benefit the wolrd

        One belief: saving lives, serving for health

        Two considerations: consider the customers’ satisfaction, consider the enterprise benefits

        Three no discussion: no discussion of superior dispute, no discussion of colleague affair, no discussion of disadvantage to corporate image.

        Four not allowed:

        Sales mission nonfulfillment not allowed

        Corruption and falsification of account not allowed

        Disobey superior not allowed

        Company decision inexecution not allowed

        Five Insists: Insist the mutual development of company and employee

        Insist the rules of market oriented

        Insist the building of team spirit

        Insist the building of learning organization

        Insist the mechanism of selection through competition

        Six keep in mind:

        Keep in mind that I am one of Kingworld.

        Keep my the position statement in mind

        Keep in mind that I am a learner

        Keep in mind that I am civilized

        Keep in mind that I am a promoter

        Keep in mind that I am a server



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