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        Home About Us> Milestones
        2010 November
        Kingworld Medicines Group was successful listed on the Main Board Of HongKong Stock Exchange
        2008 October
        BVI Kingworld Medicines Group (BVI Kingworld) changed its name to Kingworld Medicines and Healthcare Group Limiteds
        2008 July
        The Company was incorporated in the Cayman Islands
        2008 May
        HK Kingworld was incorporated in Hong Kong as a direct wholly owned subsidiary of BVI Kingworld
        2006 Dec
        SZ Kingworld’s registered capital was increased from RMB6,800,000 to RMB80,000,000
        2006 July
        The Certificate for Establishment of Enterprise with Foreign Investment was granted to SZ Kingworld by the PRC Ministry of Commerce
        2005 April
        SZ Kingworld became a wholly owned subsidiary of BVI Kingworld
        2005 February
        BVI Kingworld was incorporated in British Virgin Islands
        2004 January
        Zhuhai Jinming was jointly established in the PRC by SZ Kingworld and Guangdong Minglin
        2002 Nov
        SZ Kingworld’s registered capital was increased from RMB2,890,000 to RMB6,800,000 Obtained the Certificate of Approval for Enterprises with Foreign Trade Rights in the PRC from the Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau
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